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The Next Informal Chatty Gathering

We'll be meeting on Friday 31st March from 10:30. Drop in and have a chat.

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AGM 8th March 2023

This year's AGM will be held as usual at St Chad's Parish Centre. We will begin the business meeting at 10:15 pm. This will be followed by talks from recent recipients of our Awards. We shall start our lunch at approximately 12:15. 

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Christmas Fayre and Sandwich Lunch

This year's Christmas Fayre will be held on 10th November from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm at St Chad's Parish Centre in Far Headingley. There will be homemade Christmas goodies on offer, as well as stalls selling cards and calendars, handbags and scarves,

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Informal chatty gathering

The first in a series of informal chatty gatherings was held on 2nd November from 10:00 am at Wetherspoons' The Golden Beam on Headingley Lane. It was a very enjoyable morning. Members appreciated the spaciousness of the tastefully converted venue,

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Celebratory Jubilee Tea

On the afternoon of 14 June, at North Leeds Cricket Club, our Social Committee held a special event to celebrate the royal jubilee. Bubbly was included to make this Afternoon Tea truly 'royal'. There were home-made scones, cakes and biscuits,

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Cancellation of the Christmas Fayre and Sandwich Lunch

Sadly we have had to cancel the Christmas Fayre. It has become all too clear that attendance at the event would be very low and so the preparations and expense would not be worthwhile. It is hoped that 'Christmas Goodies' will be available for sale.

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The AGM 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education was held on 1st March 2021 at 10:00am

Since it was not possible in the present circumstances to meet live, the AGM was a virtual meeting online using Zoom.  

The meeting

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A member

To the Editor, YLCE Newsletter


Caught up in lockdown 2 with our own preoccupations, how refreshing it has been to read the accounts of the former award winners in the Autumn 2020 YLCE Newletter.

All of these young women, whatever

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Goodies for Christmas

There will, of course, be no Christmas Fayre & Sandwich Lunch at St Chad's Parish Centre this year. Social Committee members like baking; they are also proud of the money they raise for their chosen charity each year. This year's charity was to be

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During the continuing coronavirus crisis the Awards Committee was able to hold successful meetings for the March, June and September funding rounds. The scheduled date for the March meeting was right at the beginning of lockdown. As a consequence

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Last year's Christmas Fayre

This time last year the Social Committee of the YLCE invited members, family and friends to a Christmas Fayre and Sandwich Lunch at St Chad's Parish Centre.There were the usual home-made Chistmas goodies on offer as well as CDs, books and puzzles;

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New Ideas

Here at the Yorkshire Ladies Council Of Education we are always looking for new ideas for events that would be of interest to all our members, together with their families and friends. 

We would love to hear from you with suggestions of events or

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