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  • Supporting the education of women.

    The Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education (YLCE) is a charitable organisation, 141 years old and counting, proud of its distinguished past and looking always towards its future. It offers education awards to women and undertakes a range of projects supporting a variety of educational opportunities.

  • Established In 1989.

    Providing small awards to help British women finance their education.

The Council has never been satisfied with today's success. It is always hammering at tomorrow's door asking ‘What next?'

Mrs Kitson Clarke, Chairman of the Executive 1925 - 1942

We’re always keen to recruit!

Why not join us and become a member of YLCE? You'll find our current programme of events for members (plus family and friends) on the website. And you might enjoy being part of a small working group on one of our various projects.

We welcome simple interest or expertise or both! We feel we are worth it!

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