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During the continuing coronavirus crisis the Awards Committee was able to hold successful meetings for both the March and June funding rounds. The scheduled date for the March meeting was right at the beginning of lockdown. As a consequence much of the discussion was achieved by email and telephone.

However, by June members of the Committee were all technologically enlightened and the meeting went ahead using video conferencing. In March, of the 56 shortlisted applications for support, 26 deserving women were offered a small grant of £300 - a total of £7,800.

In June the shorlist numbered 64 and 35 applicants were each awarded £300 - a total of £10,600. It remains to be seen whether the September meeting will take place around an actual table. However, if in order to keep safe and well Committee members decide not to meet physically, they are now well-versed in the virtual discussion of applications.

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