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To the Editor, YLCE Newsletter


Caught up in lockdown 2 with our own preoccupations, how refreshing it has been to read the accounts of the former award winners in the Autumn 2020 YLCE Newletter.

All of these young women, whatever their chosen field of study, are so strongly focussed on their careers, despite their current problems, that it lifts the spirits and gives us some hope for the future.

They are just a few of the many awardees over the past 30 years. We admire their tenacity and firmness of purpose, which is all the more amazing when we realise that the YLCE's contribution of £300-£400 towards their fees is a drop in the ocean of the total cost of their studies.

I should also say how much we owe to members of the Awards Committee over the years for their hard work in identifying worthy recipients.

We might all perhaps consider giving as generously as we can to the Awards Fund to allow it to be even more generous, especially at a time when the income from investments is sadly reduced.

Gillian Roche

November 2020

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