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We always welcome new members to join us in our social and fundraising activities. 

Present members who wish to become further involved in the activities and the running of YLCE are invited to approach the committee chairmen directly. Below is an outline of each committee activity. 

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Main Contact:
Gillian Andrews

The Awards Committee of nine members considers applications from women seeking help in funding their chosen education courses. Each case is reviewed as presented. The final decision of whether to lend our support is based on the applicant’s personal circumstances, projected career plan and financial situation.

Contact: Gillian Andrews:


Main Contact:
Gill Milner

The Social Committee promotes and supports YLCE by organising social events which provide the opportunity to bring together members and friends. These social events generate additional funds which are used not only to support the YLCE awards fund but also other educational charities.

Contact: Gill Milner:


Main Contact:
Peggy Pullan

The Projects Committee identifies charities and not for profit organisations in Yorkshire working in the areas of girls’ and women’s education, development and welfare that YLCE could support financially or support by YLCE member involvement.

Contact: Peggy Pullan:


Main Contact:

We are looking to form a small group to drive and focus our fundraising efforts to best effect to boost our awards fund and enable us to support new educational or welfare initiatives for women. If any members are interested in becoming involved please contact YLCE chair Gill Lydon.

The Yorkshire Training Fund for Women

Main Contact:
Gill Lydon

The Yorkshire Training Fund awards training grants to girls and women aged 16 or over in order to enable them to become self-supporting.

Contact: Gill Lydon:

Forest Hill - Board

Main Contact:
Kathy Hart

Forest Hill Board is responsible for direction and management of Forest Hill’s affairs including financial, staffing, risk management, systems and governance.

Contact: Kathy Hart:

Forest Hill - House Committee

Main Contact:
Patricia Hollis

The House Committee has responsibility for the day-to-day management of Forest Hill, the building, its staff and residents’ services.

Contact: Patricia Hollis:


Main Contact:
Carole Tabbron

YLCE produce a bi annual Newsletter in Spring and Autumn. If you have any articles or information that you would like to be considered for the Newsletter please get in touch, we are always looking for interesting articles to publish!  

Contact: Carole Tabbron:

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